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Final Project

30/6/2020 - 30/7/2020 (Week 12 - Week 16) Jennifer Tan Qing Ni (0333137) Sonic Design  Final Project: Foley For our final project, we were to do Foley. We were given a few silent movies and we were to choose one and apply foley the silent movie itself. I decided to go for The General. Below is the original silent movie clip. 

I first watched it around 2-3 times so that I can identify some sounds that I would need.  Floor CreakRainTaking BatHead HittingDoor opening and closingBody falling on muddy puddleMuddy FootstepsHummingOpening windowBlowing/WhistlingWomen scream (with a hand over mouth)Bed creaks Footstep on woodDialogues Thunder Thunder impact on branch Branch/Leaves fallingThen I proceeded to put all the sounds into the audio storyboard that was provided to us. 
After that, I started to record all my sounds using my phone and my good ol apple earbuds. Below is what I used to record the sounds. Some sounds were straightforward while some I used my imagination and creativity. 
Floor cre…

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