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24.08.20-23.11.20 week 1- week 14 Jennifer Tan Qing Ni Design Exploration Module Information Booklet Week 1 Introduction and Brainstorming This week, we were introduced to our module. Design exploration is a module which allows us to the freedom to explore different things, particular things outside our specialization and our comfort zone. For this module, we were to create something that would comply with the terms of the new normal during this Covid-19 pandemic. We first formed groups, and I grouped up with Joanna and Yameen. We proceeded to brainstorm some ideas, of what we can do to solve some of the problems that came with the new normal. We came up with a few ideas, and we ended up with going for a DIY mask kit for kids, with the aim of encouraging them to wear a face mask. We thought about how we can make it unique, so we thought about how we can attract our product to kids, especially in the 21st century. We thought about incorporating technology into our product, and we de

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